Static cling is a non-adhesive graphic that will cling to smooth surfaces like windows.  It is available in either white or clear.  For general signage to be placed on the outside of windows, white cling is recommended. 

If you need some parts of the graphic to appear clear then you could use the clear cling.  Prints on clear cling will be translucent so for the parts you do not want to be translucent, white ink will need to be layed under the print.

If you want to apply the cling on the inside of the window to be viewed from the outside, then you can reverse the print with a white over flood so the ink is not translucent.

Forward Print - White Underflood:   Forward facing print with white layed underneath the entire graphic so there are no clear spots and the ink is not translucent.

Reversed Print - White Overflood:   For graphics to be installed on the inside and viewed from the outside with no clear parts.

Forward Print - Spot White:   When you have graphics with both clear and solid parts.

Reversed Print - Spot White:   For graphics installed on the inside and viewed from the outside with some clear parts and solid parts.

Material:  Clear Static Cling by Catalina Graphics (Mojave)

Thickness: 8 mils

Ink:  HP Latex

Static Cling Clear - Clear Window Cling (Catalina Graphics)


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